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Subject Re: Multiple languages for Jasper
Date Tue, 19 Oct 1999 13:51:09 GMT

dIon Gillard writes:

> 2c is on a spec compliant change...

Ours too.  This work was done in close cooperation with the spec writers.  What
you see is a bit of implementation based on the direction that it is felt that
the spec is heading.  This is generally healty when discussed openly and not
taken to extreme - as long as the commitment is there to immediatly conform when
the spec 'catches up'.

>Sounds good....what about various options to the compiler, for example
>OPTIONS BINARY? I don't think the spec allows for this unless you include
>it in the info directive :( bad :(

As you say, a spec issue.

>I'd much rather we left JspParseEventListener alone, as it works well :),

One thing we feel is important long term is the ability to mix languages on a
page.  Just because you want to put a little Perl logic on a web page shouldn't
preclude you from handling Java, should it?

>Can you tell me what objects the javascript code in a scriptlet has access
>to? Is the assumption that the generated JSP is a bean??

This is the current set of objects made available to scripts in our

    javax.servlet.ServletRequest   request;
    javax.servlet.ServletResponse  response;
    javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext  pageContext;
    javax.servlet.http.HttpSession session;
    javax.servlet.ServletContext   application;
    javax.servlet.jsp.JspWriter    out;
    javax.servlet.ServletConfig    config;
    java.lang.Object               page;
    java.lang.Throwable            exception;

I'm not aware of any other special assumptions on the generated bean.

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