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From "Anil K. Vijendran" <>
Subject Re: problem building ANT
Date Mon, 18 Oct 1999 09:06:31 GMT
James Davidson wrote:

> > I don't understand the issue, James.* is included in
> > for JDK 1.1. tools.jar is only necessary for 1.2. My
> understanding
> > was that we use tools.jar when the users' environment is JDK 1.2 and for
> 1.1 we
> > just expect Right?
> Doh! I must be getting tired. I guess the big question is, does the compiler
> come with the JRE If yes, then we're done. If no, then we
> really should use a 1.1 javac.jar.

Yep,* (the compiler) is part of In terms of jar
packaging there wasn't much of a distinction for JRE in JDK 1.1.x.

> As far as including it, the tools.jar doesn't need to be on the classpath
> per se as the servlet class loader can put it on the class loader for an
> individual context if the services of the compiler are needed (i.e. running
> under 1.2).

It doesn't need to be on the classpath, right.We should tweak the servlet class
loader for tools.jar to be loaded if jsp's are present in that context.

Well... go get some sleep, dude :-)

Peace, Anil +<:-)

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