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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: building tomcat
Date Sat, 16 Oct 1999 18:00:40 GMT
Ed Anuff wrote:

> I'm sure that this is obvious to most people, but for me it would have sped
> things up greatly if something like the following instructions were
> somewhere in the jakarta-tomcat readme:

Most of the points you've described are actually discussed in the README file
already, although not at the level of detail you describe.  The reason for
this is that developers will be using different techniques to access the code,
and running on different platforms, so the instructions will be more
generalized.  You will also find that developer-oriented documentation tends
to be a little more terse than user-oriented documentation, both because
developers tend to be more experienced at interpreting stuff like this, and
because in between releases these things tend to change -- you've got to be
pretty flexible.

However, I've modified the README to document a couple of these points you
mentioned -- a diagram that illustrates what "parallel to this workspace"
means, and a note about "tools.jar".  I did not add your suggested notes about
"download and unpack", because that is not what people using CVS will be

Thanks for the suggestions.

Craig McClanahan

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