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From "Craig McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat build.xml README
Date Wed, 13 Oct 1999 00:15:29 GMT wrote:

> stefano     99/10/12 15:43:08
>   Modified:    .        build.xml README
>   Log:
>   - Updated the README
>   - changed the "../build" to "./build" since it makes little sense to go back one directory
>   These should not brake anything, but I'm not sure. We can go back if this is the case.

Prior to this change, the directory hierarchy looked like this:

            <<TOMCAT project build stuff>>

        <<TOMCAT source tree>>

and after this change, it looks like this:

        <<TOMCAT source tree ...>>
                <<TOMCAT project build stuff>>

It seems to me that, if we want this change, two additional things should happen:

* Make the same change in each of the other projects,
  which probably do the same thing (I don't have the CVS
  tree in front of me to check).

* Change "./build/tomcat/*" to "./build/*" everywhere
  to eliminate the redundant "tomcat" subdirectory
  underneath "build".

On the other hand, I can see value in having the "build" hierarchy as it originally was --
the least
of the benefits is that a "cvs commit" or "cvs update" at the jakarta-tomcat level does not
have to
waste time scanning the build directory.  I would actually prefer the original approach for


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