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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: XML configuration revisited
Date Mon, 11 Oct 1999 20:39:17 GMT
James Todd wrote:
> > ...I think that until you think about how to integrate subsystems you
> > haven't addressed any problems that don't fall into the realm of the
> > bleedin' obvious(tm). To take a really trivial Apache example, some
> > modules have some configuration that can appear within <VirtualHost ...>
> > sections, and some that can't. The XDTD should define this, rigorously.
> > Somehow. Ideally in a way that everyone thinks is good and is
> > standardised.
> >
> this is why i'm suggesting that we consider what it
> would take to manage a collection of component/subsystem/etc
> configurations as deemed appropriate by the component
> vs trying to configuration everything nut and bolt a
> hosting system is and/or may be comprised of in a manner
> deemed appropriate by the hosting system.
> the hosting system need not know or be exposed to the
> component details but instead provided the bare minimum
> needed to establish the relationship and delegate the
> work to the component. the work is in definining the
> interface amongst the container and the component.

I'm finding that a little difficult to parse, but assuming I've
understood you, I think I agree. However, I suspect that all you've done
is restated the problem without getting us any closer to a solution.




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