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From Henrik Vendelbo <>
Subject Re: XML/DTD/XSchema
Date Tue, 12 Oct 1999 20:52:00 GMT
Nice suggestion.

A variation is that only defined structures are checked against

<tag1 x="10" y="12">
</tag1 >

<tag2 z="44"/>

now if tag1 is defined (and the above tag1 is legal re definition) 
while tag2 has not been defined, 
then the configuration is legal.

This approach would allow for experimentation and enforcing structure 
gradually as modules mature.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Original Message

On 12-10-99, 20:24:41, Troy Poppe <> wrote regarding 

> Have we considered the possibility of 'building' the 
> (hereafter refered to as a definition) at runtime when the XML 
> information is parsed?  Each module of the server (framework) would 
have its
> own definition specs (ie. what tags are valid where).  Given some 
> (what we hope to define), a module registers what elements are valid, 
> are not, their contexts, etc. with this service.  The service then in 
> generates a valid definition for use as a server definition.

> At that point it is up to the service for how to implement this (and I 
> that this is still a major point).

> It would seem that this would give a fair amount of abstraction, and 
> for some powerful extensibility.

> - Troy

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