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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [thrift] rlerdorf edited a comment on pull request #2288: THRIFT-5318: Update PHP thrift_protocol extension for PHP 8
Date Wed, 03 Feb 2021 23:48:25 GMT

rlerdorf edited a comment on pull request #2288:

   This looks good, @tylerchr. The only thing you missed is that the `$buffer_size` argument
is optional on the two read_binary functions. So in your stub file, provide the default value
from the source which is 8192. Like this:
   function thrift_protocol_read_binary(object $protocol, string $obj_typename, bool $strict_read,
int $buffer_size=8192): object {}
   function thrift_protocol_read_binary_after_message_begin(object $protocol, string $obj_typename,
bool $strict_read, int $buffer_size=8192): object {}
   And regenerate the arginfo.h file, of course.
   You can also add `/** @generate-function-entries */` to your stub file to get it to generate
the function entries and pull those out of the `.cpp` file, but it isn't necessary.
   And another optional thing. To address your initial issue of the arginfo failing with PHP
7.2 and earlier, you can macro your way around that issue using:
   #define ZEND_ARG_INFO_WITH_DEFAULT_VALUE(pass_by_ref, name, default_value) \
   	ZEND_ARG_INFO(pass_by_ref, name)
   #if PHP_VERSION_ID < 70200
   #define ZEND_BEGIN_ARG_WITH_RETURN_TYPE_INFO_EX(name, return_reference, required_num_args,
class_name, allow_null) \
   	static const zend_internal_arg_info name[] = { \
   		{ (const char*)(zend_uintptr_t)(required_num_args), ( #class_name ), 0, return_reference,
allow_null, 0 },
   # define ZEND_BEGIN_ARG_WITH_RETURN_OBJ_INFO_EX(name, return_reference, required_num_args,
class_name, allow_null) \
   	ZEND_BEGIN_ARG_WITH_RETURN_TYPE_INFO_EX(name, return_reference, required_num_args, class_name,
   # define ZEND_BEGIN_ARG_WITH_RETURN_TYPE_MASK_EX(name, return_reference, num_args, type)
   	ZEND_BEGIN_ARG_INFO_EX(name, 0, return_reference, num_args)
   # define ZEND_BEGIN_ARG_WITH_RETURN_OBJ_TYPE_MASK_EX(name, return_reference, required_num_args,
class_name, type) \
   	ZEND_BEGIN_ARG_INFO_EX(name, 0, return_reference, required_num_args)
   # define ZEND_ARG_TYPE_MASK(pass_by_ref, name, type_mask, default_value) \
   	ZEND_ARG_TYPE_INFO(pass_by_ref, name, 0, 0)
   # define ZEND_ARG_TYPE_INFO_WITH_DEFAULT_VALUE(pass_by_ref, name, type_hint, allow_null,
default_value) \
   	ZEND_ARG_TYPE_INFO(pass_by_ref, name, type_hint, allow_null)
   But again, not required.
   I reworked your patch slightly. This compiles cleanly with arginfo back to PHP 7.0 -

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