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From Svein-Erik Løken <sv...@jacilla.no>
Subject RE: Contribute requirejs.config.paths to ModuleManager
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2017 09:18:11 GMT
I tried to fight it too, but had to capitulate. 

After some debugging my @Contribute(JavaScriptStackSource.class) was not set:

public class ModuleManagerImpl implements ModuleManager
private Resource resolveModuleNameToResource(String moduleName)
        Resource resource = shimModuleNameToResource.get(moduleName);

        if (resource != null)
            return resource;

        // Tack on a fake extension; otherwise modules whose name includes a '.' get mangled
        // by Resource.withExtension().
        String baseName = String.format("/META-INF/modules/%s.EXT", moduleName);

        Resource baseResource = classpathRoot.forFile(baseName);

        for (String extension : extensions)
            resource = baseResource.withExtension(extension);

            if (resource.exists())
                return resource;

        // Return placeholder for null:
        return classpathRoot;

My module is not listed in shimModuleNameToResource, and does not exist in /META-INF/modules/%s.EXT.
The result is an empty classpathRoot.

I think I don't fully understand JavaScriptStack. I think a method is missing: Map<String,
JavaScriptModuleConfiguration> getJavaScriptModules(). I would like to have a example of
how to include a AMD/UMD module. What about support for CommonJS?

In the debugging process I found that @Contribute(ModuleManager.class) was the perfect choice
for me.

    public static void setupMyBaseModules(MappedConfiguration<String, Object> configuration,
@Symbol(SymbolConstants.PRODUCTION_MODE) boolean productionMode) {
        String[] reactModules = {"react", "react-dom"};
        String ext = productionMode ? ".min.js" : ".js";
        for (String m : reactModules) {
            configuration.add(m, new JavaScriptModuleConfiguration(new ClasspathResource(String.format("META-INF/assets/js/%s%s",
m, ext))));

I think I was fooled by:

The documentation for ModuleManager.class say:
"...This is primarily used to wrap non-AMD compliant libraries for use with RequireJS"

The internal variable Map<String, Resource> shimModuleNameToResource in ModuleManagerImpl.
The shim prefix...


From: Chris Poulsen [via Apache Tapestry Mailing List Archives] [mailto:ml+s1045711n5733731h42@n5.nabble.com]

Sent: tirsdag 28. november 2017 08:34
To: Svein-Erik Løken <svein@jacilla.no>
Subject: Re: Contribute requirejs.config.paths to ModuleManager


It has been a while since I last fought the module system, but in some 
cases I've used a request filter to map between module and asset paths 
(triggering on known module paths and then returning permanent redirects to 
the actual asset urls in the filter) - This was necessary in order to get 
stuff like CK editor to load properly as a module and still allowing it to 
dynamically require its plugins IIRC. 


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