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From Christian Riedel <cr.ml...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: Location of assets
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2017 22:03:52 GMT
Hi Jarda,

you just use the path relative to your servlet context.

> background-image: url('/images/myimage.png');

this could work. If your app is not deployed under the root context but under /foo-bar/ then
I guess this should work:

background-image: url('/foo-bar/images/myimage.png‘);

If both, your images and your css files are stored in src/main/webapp you can also use relative

background-image: url('../images/myimage.png‘);

That being said, I prefer to have all assets in META-INF/images and META-INF/css for example.
Relative paths have the advantage that Tapestry will give you an error if any image isn’t
where it should be if you reference it via relative paths. That check does not apply for absolute
paths (starting with a slash).


> Am 24.02.2017 um 12:59 schrieb Jaroslav Ciml <jaroslav.ciml@jpower8.cz>:
> Hi,
> I am trying to figure out what is the correct location of assets with Tapestry 5.4 and
Maven directory structure.
> I will explain how do I understand it. Correct what is wrong please.
> From logical point of view, I can think of two types of assets - global and comopnent
> A global asset is e.g. a PNG image that is used as a background in various places in
the application, i.e. it is referenced in many Tapestry components. Such global assets are
called "context assets" in Tapestry.
> A component specific asset is say a CSS file that defines style just for the HTML markup
generated by one specific Tapestry component. Such component specific assets are called "class
path assets" in Tapestry.
> Suppose that I have some Tapestry component with CSS file and a global PNG image.
> The tml and java files for the component are located in:
> src/main/java/com/somecompany/myapp/view/components/MyComponent.java
> src/main/resources/com/somecompany/myapp/view/components/MyComponent.tml
> And this is the appropriate configuration in web.xml:
> <context-param>
>  <param-name>tapestry.app-package</param-name>
>  <param-value>com.somecompany.myapp.view</param-value>
> </context-param>
> The global PNG file is located in:
> src/main/webapp/images/myimage.png
> The CSS file that is related just to MyComponent is located in:
> src/main/resources/META-INF/assets/MyComponent.css
> and the CSS is imported in MyComponent.java:
> @Import(stylesheet = "MyComponent.css")
> Do these locations make sense please?
> If so, is it possible to reference the global PNG from the component specific CSS?
> ul.my-component-menu {
>  background-image: url('what_should_be_here/myimage.png');
> }
> Thanks.
> Jarda
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