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From Daniel Sahlberg <>
Subject Re: Upgrading visual svn server from 3.7.0 using svn 1.9.7 - how?
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2020 17:42:03 GMT
Den fre 2 okt. 2020 kl 18:24 skrev Bo Berglund <>:

> We are using this setup:
> - Main server is running on Windows Server 16 Standard using VisualSVN
> version 3.7.0, which apparently uses svn 1.9.7
> - The server is using svnsync nightly to synchronize over the Internet
> to a mirror SVN server version 1.9.7 running on Ubuntu 18.04 Server on
> a different location entirely.
> No user operations are allowed on the mirror, it is just a backup.
> My problem is this:
> The VisualSVN server is seriously out of date and needs to be
> upgraded. In its own management console it suggests upgrading to 4.2.2
> but does not say which version of svn will then be running.
> In fact it seems like they are intentionally hiding the svn version in
> their web pages.. :(

I checked our installation of 4.2.2 and it seems to be running 1.10.6.
VisualSVN Server is installing the Subversion command line tools in
C:\Program Files\VisualSVN Server\bin so I simply opened cmd.exe and
executed svn --version.

And I suspect that there might be problems concerning the svnsync
> commands if the backup mirror server is not upgraded to the same svn
> version, right?

I checked quickly with a brand new Ubuntu 18.4 VM running svn 1.9.7 and
svnsync works both if initiated from the Ubuntu box (connecting to
VisualSVN Server using https) and if initiated from Windows (using svn+ssh
and plink with public keys). Of course, YMMW.

> But how do I do that on Ubuntu when I cannot find out which svn
> version they use?

> Or does it not matter, i.e. can the main and mirror servers be using
> different svn versions?

In general use you are free to mix different versions of the server and the
client so I would assume this also goes for svnsync. And it's not too far
between 1.9 and 1.10. Others on the list might be able to give a more
detailed answer but why not test it :-)

> Bo Berglund
> Developer in Sweden
Kind regards

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