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From Thorsten>
Subject Re: How to revert trunk to an earlier revision?
Date Thu, 22 Oct 2020 14:31:34 GMT

> When I look up svn revert it only talks about removing local edits,
> but what about this:
> Working on trunk and committing a few changes, which later turns out
> to be wrong.
> Now I want to set trunk head to be at the revision where the edits
> started out from.

You can use a feature called reverse merge.

First make sure your working copy has no pending changes. -> revert 
everything or check out a new copy

If you want to go back to revision 497 use:

|svn merge -r HEAD:497 .|

you can now commit to " sort of reset" the server to the same code as in 
version 497, or make more edits before you commit.

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