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From <>
Subject [Possible?] Partial Mirror of Working Copy Between Two Servers
Date Tue, 20 Oct 2020 18:47:53 GMT

I looked in the archive but did not find any clear information regarding


I have an internal SVN server with a large repository of projects. I will
refer to this server as 'SERVER_01'.
I have a second, external, SVN server used for public sharing of a small
sample of files.  I will refer to this server as 'SERVER_02'.

I wish to use my internal working copy from SERVER_01 to also commit changes
of a subset of the working copy files to SERVER_02.

I want to do this to only externally share specific components of my working
I appreciate that the complete internal server could be set up externally,
but this causes other issues.  



The files in question could be externals in a separate working copy, but the
update from SERVER_01 would need to be committed to SERVER_02, somehow,
using the same working copy.

Is there any way in subversion to partially mirror only some of the working
copy files to a second server?


Thanks if there are any solutions.


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