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From Dalon Work <>
Subject Subversion mergeinfo using peg revision gives different result
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2019 15:43:28 GMT
If I run a mergeinfo command like this:

svn mergeinfo ^/branches/A .

I get the following result:

------| |---------- branches/A
    --| |---------- branches/B

then if I run it like this:

svn mergeinfo ^/branches/A@44971 .

-----| |----------- branches/A
 \         /
  \       /
   --| |----------- branches/B

I still find the whole revision/peg revision thing a bit confusing, but
this is baffling.
How can using a peg revision change the displayed merge history?

I am using svn 1.10, if that makes a difference.

I should also add that the history of the branches is not linear.
It is very convoluted, with random deletions and copies of the branch,
possibly from other locations, or from an older revision at the same

Thanks for the help!


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