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From Thuan Seah Tan <>
Subject Re: svn status and info slowness when multiple files are passed as args
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2019 03:50:30 GMT
Thanks for the info. I did more tests and can confirm the issue appears to
be a IPv6 vs IPv4 issue.

I enabled the --prefer-ipv6 option on the svnserve command and running
commands on checked out files that point to a domain name repository root
were significantly faster. Alternatively relocating the project root from
domain name to explicit IPv4 also helped.

On Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 4:37 AM Johan Corveleyn <> wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 9:33 AM Thuan Seah Tan <> wrote:
> >
> > Apologies for the delay on this issue. I did more testing and the
> following was my findings:
> >
> > svn info -r HEAD "svn://mysvnserver/1.10/test.txt" "svn://<server
> name>/1.10/test2.txt" <-- slow
> > svn info -r HEAD "svn://" "svn://<IPv4
> address of server>/1.10/test2.txt" <-- fast
> >
> > If I am not using the svn protocol and just passing in the file path on
> disk, depending on how the files were checked out:
> >
> > if checked out using Tortoise SVN and specifying the repository server
> as "svn://":
> > svn info -r HEAD "C:/1.10/test.txt" "C:/1.10/test2.txt" <-- fast
> >
> > if checked out using Tortoise SVN and specifying the address of the
> server as "svn://mysvnserver":
> > svn info -r HEAD "C:/1.10/test.txt" "C:/1.10/test2.txt" <-- slow
> >
> > Wondering if using the server name defaults to IPv6. I suppose that's up
> to the router's configuration? When checking out files, is there something
> added to the .svn folder that retains the knowledge of whether a file was
> checked out using ipv4 or server name?
> >
> Ok, so it's clearly a problem with the client first trying the IPv6
> address, to which svnserve doesn't respond in your case. Now, I don't
> know a lot myself about how to deal with that situation (we don't use
> svnserve, we're accessing our svn repository via https). Perhaps
> someone else on this list has some experience, and can help a bit?
> Just a couple of thoughts:
> - The fact that svn://mysvnserver first defaults to the IPv6 address
> is entirely up to network configuration, I guess. Not sure if it's the
> router, local DNS server, Windows networking configuration, ... as I
> said, I don't know much in that area. But perhaps that's the easiest
> "fix" for you: fix the network configuration so clients get connected
> to the IPv4 address by default.
> - The .svn folder certainly retains knowledge of the exact URL it was
> checked out from. It's visible when you run 'svn info' (showing the
> working copy url). You can change that in an existing working copy by
> running 'svn relocate' (see 'svn help relocate' for help), so you can
> "connect" it with another URL pointing to the same repository.
> - Perhaps that thread I pointed to earlier contains some more
> interesting information about what else you can do.
> (for instance, I see things about starting up a second instance of
> svnserve with the -6 option for listening on the IPv6 address)
> HTH,
> --
> Johan

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