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From Stefan Sperling <>
Subject Re: working copy hook
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2019 09:22:26 GMT
On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 05:11:25PM +0800, wuzhouhui wrote:
> Could Subversion support working copy hook? Because I want to ensure
> new commit won't introduce any building error, e.g. always running
> "make html" before "svn commit".
> Thanks.

There are only server-side hooks.

But you can use branches to solve this problem.
You could commit to a "staging" branch, and have a post-commit hook on the
server which runs a build test on commits to this branch, and then performs
an automatic merge to a "production" branch if the build was successful.
If the build fails, such a server-side hook could avoid merging changes to
the "production" branch until the "staging" branch has been fixed in a
future commit.

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