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From Eric Johnson <>
Subject Re: Subversion Version Control
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2019 19:38:07 GMT
On Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 10:56 PM Gillead, Gennar <> wrote:

> Subversion,
> Does tool have functionality to change key words in code as its migration
> through SDLC from DEV to QA to UA/SIT to PROD? Below is  replacement that
> will have to occur during migration.
>    1. “_DEV” to “QA Naming Standard”  for QA migration? In this instance
>    all references of “_DEV” will have to be replaced.
>       - Example: USER_DATA_DEV to USER_DATA
>    2. “QA Naming Standard” to “_UAT/SIT”  for UAT and/or SIT migration?
>       - USER_DATA to  USER_DATA_UAT and/or USER_DATA_SIT  based on flag
>       or other indicator selected with in application?
>    3. Removal of “_UAT/SIT”  for  PROD migration?
>       - USER_DATA_UAT or USER_DATA_SIT to  USER_DATA DATA based on flag
>       or other indicator selected with in application?
> It is difficult to tell from your question whether or not Subversion fits
the bill. Based on your question, it doesn't sound like you've actually
used Subversion. Since it is free to download and install, and can even be
used without a server for limited use-cases, perhaps experiment with it,
and ask a more specific concrete question?

None of the significant version control systems available (Git, Mercurial,
SVN) do much in the way of *changing* code. Mostly, they *store* code.
Logic about changing code is outside the purview of what the systems do
(with a small exception for tracking specific property values as part of
the contents of files, a mostly discouraged practice).



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