Dear Sir,


We want to develop a feature like git pull request .


But it is not easy to develop. Svn has only one server , how to store the patches? If build failed , how to revert working copy. How to resolve the conflict.


Git is a better , it can support pre-commit code review, pull request by default. Is subversion able to develop these features in the future?.


We like subversion ,we build a lot tools for subversion, like the pre-commit code reviewissue plugincode countsvn multisite (same as Wandisco’s svn multisite plus) ,but it’s became hard and hard, is it time for us to give up svn?


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发件人: Johan Corveleyn []
发送时间: 20181016 20:34
收件人: 钱海远(Nathan)
抄送: Subversion; Julian Foad
主题: Re: a issue of --include' and '--exclude' options on 'svnadmin dump'


On Tue, Oct 16, 2018 at 11:56 AM 钱海远(Nathan) <> wrote:

Dear Sir,


During I am testing the -include' and '-exclude' options on 'svnadmin dump'  ,  I found that if I copy a non-include file, the  dump result is to add a file with file content; But if the copy is a non-include directory, the dump only adds this directory.


I think, this may be wrong, it should be copy of the directory and all the files under the directory .


[root@RD-230 subversion]# svnadmin dump /data1/svnroot/Dev --incremental -r 13386 --include "/CM Action/Tools" > /tmp/test.dmp


已转存版本 13386

[root@RD-230 subversion]# cat /tmp/test.dmp

SVN-fs-dump-format-version: 2UUID: 313b818e-f7ce-944b-8d5d-4aca2895b6b9


Revision-number: 13386

Prop-content-length: 89

Content-length: 89


K 10


V 11


K 8


V 27




Node-path: CM Action/Tools/diffcount

Node-kind: dir

Node-action: add

Prop-content-length: 10

Content-length: 10




In fact, the copy directory has many files. But the dump file is only add a new dir.



Hi Nathan,


Thanks for reporting this.

I see you had previously filed an issue about this in our issue tracker: (a issue of --include' and '--exclude' options on 'svnadmin dump')

(and added this in comment to the "feature request issue" (Add '--include' and '--exclude' options to 'svnadmin dump'))


And you were directed here to discuss the issue.


This does indeed look like a bug / shortcoming of the current "dump with include/exclude".


I hope someone with expertise in this area of funtionality might be able to comment here.





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