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From Michael Ruder <>
Subject svn 1.10: mod_authz no longer combines ACL entries
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2018 11:25:19 GMT

we used up to and including svn 1.9 an authz file of the format

company = user1, user2, user3
customer = customer1, customer2

# company can read-write on everything
@company = rw

@customer = r


This gave company full rights on both project1 and project2 and customer 
reading rights on project1. Now, with svn 1.10, company cannot access 
anything (customer can still read project 1). So apparently, only the ACLs 
in the most specific matching block are used and parent ACLs not at all.

Even like this, within a single repository, this is the case:

@company = rw

@customer = r

It results, that in trunk/src and below ONLY customer can read, company 
has no rights.

Is this really an intentional change? It results in our case in a huge 
amount of duplicated ACL entries and seems a rather drastic change 
regarding backwards compatibility.

Best regards,
.      -Michael

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