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From Johan Corveleyn <>
Subject Re: Subversion server
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2018 09:53:19 GMT
On Tue, Jul 3, 2018 at 4:32 PM, Bellamy Baron <> wrote:
> Does anyone know of a way to export a directory directly from a subversion
> server and exclude certain filetypes?

Not as far as I know. If you are using TortoiseSVN, maybe something
can be done with client-side hook scripts [1], for example delete
unwanted files after exporting. Though I don't think there are
client-side hooks for the "export" operation.

I do think it would be a great feature though, to have --include and
--exclude options (with glob-like syntax, like our recent --search
option for 'svn ls') for certain svn commands. With server-side
support to only send the matching items (and falling back to pure
client-side filtering when talking to older servers). Then one could
do these as an efficient operation (if there is server-side support):

* svn cat -R --include '*.txt' $URL
* svn export --include 'build.xml' $URL (<- creating sparse directory
structure with only the matching files)
* svn export --exclude '*.iso' $URL



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