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From Dipu H <>
Subject Re: SVN patch issue with property changes
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2018 15:15:24 GMT
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the update. Yes, I have many files in the repository with "svn:executable" value
set to "null". This is a very old repository, may be created using a very older version of
svn. Older clients might have added the property without a value.

root@contrail-ubm-dipuh:/tmp/tests# svn pl
Properties on '':
root@contrail-ubm-dipuh:/tmp/tests# svn pg svn:executable


Dipu H

´╗┐On 6/28/18, 8:13 PM, "Daniel Shahaf" <> wrote:

    Dipu H wrote on Thu, 28 Jun 2018 14:24 +0000:
    > Looks like svn is not able to properly handle the svn:executable 
    > property changes via patch.
    Works for me:
    % svnadmin create r
    % svn co -q file://`pwd`/r wc 
    % cd wc
    % touch iota
    % svn add -q iota
    % svn ci -q -m add 
    % svn up -q 
    % svn ps -q svn:executable yes iota 
    % svn diff > foo 
    % svn revert -q iota 
    % svn patch -q foo 
    % svn diff 
    Index: iota
    --- iota	(revision 1)
    +++ iota	(working copy)
    Property changes on: iota
    Added: svn:executable
    ## -0,0 +1 ##
    \ No newline at end of property
    You mentioned earlier that svn:executable was present with an empty
    value.  Is that really the case?  If it is --- which would be surprising,
    as it's supposed to be an impossible state --- it would explain why you
    got a conflict.

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