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From Dipu H <>
Subject Re: SVN patch issue with property changes
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2018 15:23:35 GMT
Hi Philip,

It is a conflict. Values didn’t change after applying the patch.

root@contrail-ubm-dipuh:/tmp/tests# svn patch /tmp/patch
>         rejected hunk ## -0,0 +1,1 ## (svn:executable)
Summary of conflicts:
  Property conflicts: 1
root@contrail-ubm-dipuh:/tmp/tests# svn diff

Dipu H

On 6/28/18, 8:49 PM, "Philip Martin" <> wrote:

    Daniel Shahaf <> writes:
    > You mentioned earlier that svn:executable was present with an empty
    > value.  Is that really the case?  If it is --- which would be surprising,
    > as it's supposed to be an impossible state --- it would explain why you
    > got a conflict.
    The normalization of svn:executable values is implemented in the client.
    If some client chooses not to implement that normalization the backend
    will store any value given.
    Should the svn client silently merge '' and '*' for svn:executable
    values or should it be a conflict?  I favour the conflict but I can see
    arguments for a silent merge.

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