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From Tom Browder <>
Subject Re: Hook script common environment variables
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2018 11:34:26 GMT
On Wed, Jun 20, 2018 at 03:02 Stefan Sperling <> wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 06:39:09PM -0500, Tom Browder wrote:
> > The docs mention one can use a common hook environment for multiple repos
> > but so far I can’t find an example of that or any more details. I have
> > looked at the example hook.env file but I don’t see any reference to global
> > env vars.
> It is unclear which type of server are you using.
> Apache HTTPD with mod_dav_svn, or svnserve?
> For svnserve, you can specify a path in svnserve's config file:
>   [general]
>   hooks-env = /path/to/a/global/hooks-env/file

Okay, that’s part of what I was looking for. I am using svnserve. However,
according to "man svnserve" I am using it not as a daemon but with svn+ssh
so I have to specify the global file explicitly somehow.

But I can add that common path in each repo’s hook-env, that’s clear.

> The environment specified in the referenced file will then apply

I think that only applies to the daemon as I read the docs.

> to all repositories. The referenced file's syntax is shown in the
> hook.env example you've already found.

That referenced example is for an individual repo.

But if it is true for svn+ssh, does one just drop a svnserv.conf file in
directory /etc/subversion.?

> Could you please point us at the docs you were reading which were
> unclear? Maybe they need to be adjusted or updated.  Thanks.

I’ll send doc suggestions after I get a working solution (PRs accepted?).

Thanks, Stefan.

Best regards,


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