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From Philip Martin <>
Subject Re: SVN patch issue with property changes
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2018 18:03:55 GMT
Julian Foad <> writes:

> Julian Foad wrote: 
>> The bug seems to be that 'svn patch' fails to apply any patch of
>> this form, that tries to change a property value from empty to
>> non-empty.
> I committed a test for this in

I'm confused, you are treating as '' special?  Suppose an existing
property P has value 'foo'.  Should a patch that adds P with value 'bar'
simply merge and change the existing 'foo' to 'bar'?  I think a conflict
is the correct outcome.  You seem to be saying that if 'foo' is '' then
the conflict should not occur.

Given an existing property P with value 'foo' a patch that adds P with
value 'foo' would apply cleanly, it's an "already applied" patch.  A
patch that modifes P from 'foo' to 'bar' would also apply cleanly, but
this latter patch would conflict if P does not exist.

I think the original question here is whether svn:executable should be
special and whether the add of svn:executable with value V1 should merge
with an existing svn:executable with a different value V2 and
automatically resolve to '*'.  If it should merge, should there be any
restrictions?  Should V1='foo' and V2='bar' resolve to '*'?  Or only if
one of V1, V2 is '' and the other is '*'?  Or something else?

I think a conflict is the right answer and there is no bug.  I think
your new test is wrong.


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