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From Karl Fogel <>
Subject Bug: Locally deleted file wrongly accepted as log message string.
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2018 02:29:02 GMT
I'm pretty sure this is a bug, but wanted to check here first before filing a ticket.

Normally, if you accidentally use a local versioned file path as a log message, you will get
an error:

  $ svn --version
  svn, version 1.10.0 (r1827917)
  $ svn commit -m locally_versioned_path
  svn: E205005: The log message is a pathname (was -F intended?); use '--force-log' to override

It doesn't matter whether 'locally_versioned_path' is modified or not.  It doesn't have to
be part of the commit; the mere fact that it's a path under version control is why SVN decides
it likely wasn't intended to be the log message.

Now try this:

  $ svn status
  $ svn rm locally_versioned_path
  D         locally_versioned_path
  $ svn commit -m locally_versioned_path
  Deleting       locally_versioned_path
  Committing transaction...
  Committed revision 1729.

Oops :-).

Because the *working file* is no longer there, Subversion fails to decide that the path likely
wasn't intended to be the log message -- even though obviously Subversion should come to the
same conclusion here that it would have come to if the path were not locally deleted.

If we agree this is a bug, I'll file it.  Maybe I'll even fix it -- no promises; depends how
much I'm able to sleep on the plane this weekend :-).  In any case, I first wanted to make
sure there is consensus that this is a bug.  Do we agree?

Best regards,

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