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From Branko ─îibej <>
Subject Re: Bug: Locally deleted file wrongly accepted as log message string.
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2018 09:10:29 GMT
On 29.06.2018 10:35, Philip Martin wrote:
> Karl Fogel <> writes:
>> :-).  In any case, I first wanted to make sure there is consensus that
>> this is a bug.  Do we agree?
> Agreed.

That check was put in the code to prevent users from writing '-m foo<tab
completion>' instead of '-F foo<tab completion>'. It was *not* put there
to prevent people from using the name of a (nominally)
version-controlled file in the log message. Therefore, the behaviour is
correct, since in your second example, there is no such file on disk.

Note that the error message says that "the log message is a pathname",
not that it's a versioned file. Also the comment in the code where we
check that says:

    If the -m argument is a file at all, that's probably not what the
    user intended.

QED: not a bug but expected behaviour.

-- Brane

P.S.: Incidentally, Karl, your name appears in the blame of that bit of
the source file, so I'm assuming that, at least at some point, you
agreed with the current behaviour. :)

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