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From Stefan Hett <>
Subject Re: Accessing really old SVN repo
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2018 19:38:20 GMT

On 4/10/2018 8:09 PM, "Zow" Terry Brugger wrote:
> Good day,
> I have a SVN repo that I probably have not touched in seven or eight 
> years (and I won't claim that the server was up to date at that time). 
> I have mounted the disk with the repo on a new server (Ubuntu 16), but 
> am having some issues accessing the contents. Here is the repo info:
> $ svnadmin info /home/repos
> Path: /home/repos
> UUID: 8a0b9f2b-ae37-0410-8d94-9d817d00ed75
> Repository Format: 3
> Compatible With Version: 1.1.0
> Filesystem Type: fsfs
> Filesystem Format: 1
> FSFS Sharded: no
> FSFS Logical Addressing: yes
> Configuration File: /home/repos/db/fsfs.conf
This doesn't look quite right to me at first glance... FSFS logical 
addressing was added in 1.9 and was certainly not available with format 
3 then. That might however just be an issue with the presented output 
not being correct rather than pointing to some actual issue.

> But if I try to do a checkout of it:
> $ svn co file:///home/repos
> svn: E125012: Invalid character in hex checksum
> And if I try to do the same from my workstation:
> $ svn co svn+ssh://svnserver/home/repos
> svn: E125012: Invalid character in hex checksum
> At least that's consistent. Consequently I went to check the integrity 
> of the repo:
> zow@ten:~/convert 791 $ svnadmin verify /home/repos
> * Error verifying revision 0.
> svnadmin: E200004: Could not convert '/
> 17' into a number
> Well, that does not seem good. So I did some investigation and it 
> sounded like old versions of repos need to be upgraded to work with 
> the latest svn clients, and the safe way to do this is to dump and 
> load the repo, but when I try to do that:
> $ svnadmin dump /home/repos > /tmp/repos.dump
> * Dumped revision 0.
> svnadmin: E160004: Invalid revision footer
> I did a lot of searching on these errors as well as looking for 
> information on accessing old SVN repos to no avail, which seems odd 
> given that SVN has been around a while now, I would expect more people 
> to hit these sorts of issues. I am running
> $ svn --version
> svn, version 1.9.3 (r1718519)
>    compiled Aug 10 2017, 16:59:15 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
> on both my server and workstation.
> Any thoughts on how I can access this repo? If it looks like something 
> broken, how about at least accessing the HEAD?
> I am not subscribed, so I would appreciate a cc on any responses!
> Thanks in advance!
> Terry
I recall there' were some fixes related to some old repositories in 1.10 
(which is currently in RC2) but skimming quickly through it I didn't 
find a related note in the changelog directly.

Still, maybe worth a shot to see what svnadmin verify reports with the 
1.10-version. If you have a windows machine, there's a prebuild 1.10 
build available here [1] (disclaimer, I'm the maintainer/developer 
behind that one). I'd also have a prebuild 1.10.0-rc2 build lying around 
which hasn't been released yet, but I'd be able to make it available to 
you, if that helps.


Stefan Hett, Developer/Administrator

EGOSOFT GmbH, Heidestrasse 4, 52146 Würselen, Germany
Tel: +49 2405 4239970,
Geschäftsführer: Bernd Lehahn, Handelsregister Aachen HRB 13473

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