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From Paul Greene <>
Subject Moving SVN from one server to another
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2018 22:19:41 GMT

I need to move a subversion deployment from an ancient Redhat server to a
new Centos7 server.

The old subversion server is running version 1.4.6-1. The new server is
running 1.7.14-11.

There's 110 different repositories on the old server, so I'm looking for an
efficient way to move all of the old repositories to the new server.

The old server has its repositories under "/data/subversion", so I created
the same folder and sub-folder on the new server.

Is it possible to do an NFS share of the /data/subversion folder on the new
server, mount that share on the old server and just "cp -R --preserve * "
to the new server to keep the same permissions and ownership? Will all the
repos work correctly if copied over in that way?

I tried a test of a couple of repo folders and it seemed to copy over and
keep all the correct permission/ownership settings, but I'm not sure if the
repos will still work correctly without doing something additional to them.



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