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From "Bert Huijben" <>
Subject RE: Searching for a C++ API
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2018 13:07:24 GMT

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> From: Branko ─îibej []
> Sent: maandag 29 januari 2018 13:54
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> Subject: Re: Searching for a C++ API
> On 29.01.2018 11:45, R developer wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > I have been involved in writing a closed source application that among
> > other things maintains a checkout from an SVN repository, the
> > application used to be written in C# so at the moment we are used to
> > SharpSvn. Recently the decision was made to incorporate the
> > functionality into a mobile c++ app (yes, I do wish we could use a
> > different language, but for now that's out of our scope).
> >
> > Is there a C++ library available somewhere?
> > One that can be used in a closed source app and compiles both on
> > Windows and Linux (and preferably other platforms like OSx, iOS, Android).
> > Usage of c++11, boost and/or Qt frameworks is fine as our app already
> > uses them.

It is not a real C++ library, but there might be some code that you can copy from the SharpSvn
library code for your usage. SharpSvn is C++/CLI, to allow operation with the .Net environment,
but there is enough plain C++ inside that might be able to get you started with the C library.
The code is Apache licensed so you can mostly use it however you like.


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