In short:
Don't host on NFS or any remote filesystem. 
It is better to dump and import, you can do the dump with old or new version but will only benefit from all new features and stability with the repository in the newer version.

On 20 September 2017 at 11:06, Saleh, Mai <> wrote:

Hi Subversion Support,


Please advise as we need to move subversion from old server with OS RH5U3 to RH7U3, all of our repositories are hosted on NFS share.

SVN version on old server is 1.6.x and new server has version 1.9.7.


Plan is to rsync old shared area hosting repositories to new shared area and copy configuration files to the same path on new server. So repositories and configuration files will be in exact paths. Then we will rename new server with original server name.



Initial test succeeded, but we need to know is there anything that we need to take care of, do we have to use dump and load as that will take lots of time, due to history and size of repositories.


Do users need to create a new working copies?





Thanks & BRs


Mai Saleh

IT Global Technologies & Infrastructure

Software Tools Engineer