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From Robert Hickman <>
Subject Checkout without storing two copies
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2017 18:13:08 GMT

I tend to work on projects with a large amount of binary data along
with source code and need to track them together. To this date
Subversion is the only tool that I've used which handles this
dependably. That being said I have one major issue with it - the last
time I used SVN it stored two copies of every file in a checkout. For
what I am doing this additional data is useless. I frequently add new
binary files but rarely modify them in place. It would be extremely
useful for me if there was an option to store only one copy and loose
delta uploads. It's all new data so there is nothing to delta anyway.

As I have not used SVN for several years I realize that this feature
may have been added. If not has it been considered?


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