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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: Checkout without storing two copies
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2017 17:14:31 GMT
> * HTTP(S) based sync protocol.

Mine uses Subversions WebDAV as is.

> * All files, both on the client and the server, are stored as plain files
with there original names.

Mine too, or plain binary 'as is'

> * Stores limited version history on the server only. Has limited support
for file versioning.

Mine: Only current version is stored on the client. Works out if 'clash' is
about to happen.

> * No web/graphical UI Designed to perform a single function only,
provides a minimal command line interface.

Yup, though I'll have a tray piece in time like and DropBox.

> * No database dependency Stores file manifest information as regular

I've metadata stored client side in JSON too.

> * Atomic file system operations through journaling.

I've no server side beyond Subversion.

* Supports partial checkouts

Got that too :)

For your README, you'd be better to move the rationale to a separate page,
and concentrate on hooking the potential user in.

- Paul

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