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From Paolo Luigi Scala <>
Subject Checksum error while checking out new project... Apache problem?
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2017 17:00:01 GMT
I’ve just installed a brand new SVN server (1.9.5) on a remote machine, with the idea of
accessing the projects on it via WebDAV.
After the creation of a new svn project with svn import on a local directory tree, if I try
to checkout the project I get errors like:

svn: E200014: Checksum mismatch for '/Users/paolo/svn_itc/myproj/htdocs/data_entry/css/backup/grid_title.gif':
   expected:  7228ec168e7c63f32f4b398eb1d288be
     actual:  eb68ca08cbd21b1029b5c10b6391d0d4

If I remove the file above, and try to checkout again, the process stops with the same error
on another file.

I have the suspect this has something to do with the fact my project is a Web-based project
containing php, jpg, gif files, which are all file types that Apache web server  ‘understands’:
I fear that, because I’m connecting ti my svn server through the Apache module this might
alter in some way those files. To reinforce my suspect, if I checkout a file which is a backup
of a mysql database (plain text with .sql extension), it does not give the checksum error.

Thanks to everyone who would like to help me in some way.

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