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From Paolo Luigi Scala <>
Subject Re: Checksum error while checking out new project... Apache problem?
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2017 20:20:15 GMT
I’m unable to answer your question at the moment because I do not have access to the server
until tomorrow morning; I’ll look at the main Apache config file asap. I’ll keep you posted.

> On 7 Sep 2017, at 22:14, Ryan Schmidt <> wrote:
> On Sep 7, 2017, at 15:11, Paolo Luigi Scala wrote:
>> Hello Ryan, 
>> thanks for your reply; I followed this tutorial:
>> so, the only modification I’ve made to the Apache configuration has been adding
the following snippet to /etc/apache2/mods-available/dav_svn.conf:
>> <Location /svn>
>>     DAV svn
>>     SVNParentPath /home/svn
>>     SVNListParentPath On
>>     AuthType Basic
>>     AuthName “MyOrganization SVN Repository"
>>     AuthUserFile /etc/subversion/passwd
>>     Require valid-user
>>  </Location>
>> I tried to ssh the server on which I installed the svn but I discover now it’s
unreachable from the outside of my organization (I started working here some days ago…),
so I have to wait until tomorrow to give more information about Apache configuration.
> That looks reasonable. Are there any directives elsewhere that turn on special behavior
for the file extensions you mentioned, like .php?

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