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From Stefan Sperling <>
Subject Re: Branch synch merge from trunk fails with reintegrate error
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2017 09:28:51 GMT
On Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 09:37:36PM +0000, Todd Armstrong wrote:
> Stefan,
> Thanks.  The two URL merge worked - I haven't needed that one before so some reading
seems to be in order to understand why of needing to use this- is
 option 3 the best reference?

That file contains the verbatim output of 'svn help merge'.
So running that command is the most up-to-date reference :)

Usage option 3 is the most general one. It can be used to emulate all
other usage options. The command I gave you runs a sync merge.

When running a merge with usage option 1 the svn client tries to detect
whether or not to a reintegrate merge is needed.

The client makes this decision based on the contents of svn:mergeinfo.
It looks like you found a situation where this heuristic goes wrong.
It's unclear why the client chose the reintegrate merge. It could be
a known bug or an unknown one. I haven't done any further research into
that question because you're using an old client. If this problem is
reproducible with the most recent 1.9 client it's worth invesigating.

> Also, thanks for the heads up on the security patch.   
> Is it possible to install 1.9.x alongside 1.8.x on the same CentOS server where that
server is only being used to run command line client working against a remote repository?

Yes, a parallel install should be possible.
You could try one or more of the binary distributions linked from here:
AFAIK the "command-line binaries" from CollabNet install to /opt and
don't overwrite files in /usr/bin. Packages from other vendors may do
the same, but off-hand I am not sure if they do.

Note that you should use a separate working copy with the 1.9 client.
It cannot operate on the working copy created with 1.8. SVN 1.9 will ask
you to upgrade an existing working copy, but upgrading this working copy
will render it unusable by 1.8. So I would suggest you create a fresh
working copy to run the test merge with 1.9.

If you've already committed the result of your 2-URL sync merge, you can
still repeat the same merge with a 1.9 client. Check out a working copy of
the branch at a revision from before the merge was committed, and run the
usage option 1 merge command in that working copy, with a peg revision
appended to cap the merge source revision range.
Say you committed the result of your 2-URL sync merge in r1001, then
something like this should repeat the problematic merge:

  svn co -r 1000
  cd my-test-wc
  svn merge ^/apps/trunk/pim@9155

Does this trigger the same "reintegrate" error?

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