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From Torsten Mueller <>
Subject how to detect read-only branch from client?
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2017 16:50:32 GMT
I write a script getting sources from one repository, doing a build and
other time consuming things and then committing the results into another

The problem is: the detination side is "managed" which means that I must
expect read only branches there. They use the path based authentication
feature (see VisualSVNServer) without any communication. They want to
close a branch for commits, that's enough communication.

But in my case it would be very bad to start a process which runs for an
hour or longer and then fails because it can't do the final commit.

How can I detect if a path in the destination directory is read only
without modifying it?

My first guess was to use "svnmucc propdel" to delete a property which
doesn't exist. This works great on a branch which is read only. But on
the other side it creates always a revision on normal branches. That's
not good. What can I do?


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