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From "Bennett, Brian" <>
Subject How to prevent conflict when merging changes into multiple locations?
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2017 00:14:05 GMT
We are struggling try to figure out how best to manage a change in Subversion as described

We copy /trunk to /branches/Development/VA_Initial_Draft, add new binary file VA.xls to /branches/Development/VA_Initial_Draft/Vantage,
then merge/commit this change to /branches/Untested/trunk (creates revision 2508), then merge/commit
this change to /trunk (which creates revision 2509).

We then copy /trunk to /branches/Development/VA_Initial_Draft2, add new binary file FIXED.xls
to /branches/Development/VA_Initial_Draft2/Vantage, then attempt to merge this change to /branches/Untested/trunk.
However, we are receiving the following conflict:
--- Merging r2506 through r2509 into 'fmgautomation_wc':
   C fmgautomation_wc/Vantage/VA.xls
G   fmgautomation_wc
--- Recording mergeinfo for merge of r2506 through r2509 into 'fmgautomation_wc':
G   fmgautomation_wc
Tree conflict on 'fmgautomation_wc/Vantage/VA.xls'
   > local file obstruction, incoming file add upon merge
Select: (r) mark resolved, (p) postpone, (q) quit resolution, (h) help:

If we understand this correctly, the conflict is because it was revision 2509 that added VA.xls
to /trunk, but /branches/Untested/trunk/Vantage/VA.xls is only at revision 2508? So the merge
believes it has to merge revision 2509 into /branches/Untested/trunk and hence the conflict
because VA.xls already exists? Is this correct?

If so, is there another way to accomplish what the developer is trying to do? The developer
wants a copy of /trunk in /branches/Untested/trunk so that they can merge all changes into
this level and test against that before moving to /trunk.

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