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From Charles Alexander <>
Subject Svn.exe for windows very slow on high ping connections
Date Sat, 14 Jan 2017 03:49:26 GMT
I'm using svn.exe (1.9.5), connecting through svn+ssh using Plink.

For a nearby DigitalOcean server (in New York, 60ms ping), I get checkouts
and commits at hundreds of KB/s.  But I am collaborating with someone from
Australia and he was getting really slow checkouts and commits to the

After lots of troubleshooting, I couldn't find anything that would speed it
up for him.  I tried making a digital ocean server in Singapore to see if
it would be fast for him, and still be fast for me.  While it is faster for
him, I ended up seeing the same exact poor speeds he was seeing.

The Singapore test server has a 280ms ping for me.  My checkouts go at
almost exactly 60KB/s.

However, if I checkout from a linux VM on my same machine, through the same
internet, using the linux svn client, I get hundreds of KB/s even to

Worried it might be an issue with Plink/PuTTY, I tried copying a large file
with PuTTY's pscp.exe, and it goes at around 3400 KB/s, without compression.

Anyone have any ideas on what could be causing the slow down?  A checkout
of the same exact repository from the New York server goes around ten times
faster.  And a checkout from a linux VM on the same desktop I am running
svn.exe from went about the same, even to the Singapore server. Everything
also goes slow when I use TortoiseSVN and not the commandline.

Let me know if there is any more information I can provide to help track
this down.

Charles Alexander

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