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From Kris Deugau <>
Subject Historic merge "done wrong" doesn't work in up to date working copy
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2017 16:29:03 GMT
I've been maintaining a set of spam filter rule files in Subversion for 
some time.  On the client side this has been almost entirely with 1.6.x 
on CentOS 5.

I've just recently done a major refresh on my PC, switching to the 
current Debian stable release, with Subversion 1.8.10.

The directory structure I've suddenly found I've been merging 
incorrectly looks like:


(Note a small number of files were added in dev/, but have not been 
copied to prod/.  IIRC the few files added to SVN in dev/ but not prod/ 
got added by the merge, then revert'ed, then OS-rm'ed.)

dev/ and prod/ were created at the same time, in r1.  Files were created 
in dev/, then svn cp'ed to prod/.

With the old 1.6 client, I was able to "svn merge ^/dev" in prod/, and 
it did what I expected;  merge all changes to the relevant files (and 
add the occasional new file) from dev/ to prod/.  merginfo is only 
maintained on the prod/ directory, not individual files.

With 1.8, it's now complaining that dev/ and prod/ have no common ancestor.

What can I do to get unstuck?


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