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From SkiAddict11 <>
Subject Re: wc.db-journal files not being backed up by Time Machine
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2017 19:23:07 GMT
Whoops, you are indeed correct.  I was sloppy with my terminology, my bad.  Thanks so much
for the reply Stefan, now my mind is set at rest :-)      (And the files indeed are zero bytes)

Thanks again!

> On 26/01/2017, at 12:43 am, Stefan Hett <> wrote:
> Hi,
> On 1/25/2017 12:43 AM, SkiAddict11 wrote:
>> I have several SVN repositories on my local hard disk, a Mac running El Capitan 10.11.6.
 I back up my disk using Time Machine and then use diff in the Terminal to verify the backup.
>> Since I upgraded to SVN 1.7.22 I've noticed that diff tells me none of my repositories'
wc.db-journal files are being backed up.  I haven't added them to the TM exclusions list,
so this surprises me.
>> Should I worry about this?  Or is wc.db-journal a file that gets recreated if SVN
doesn't find it?  Googling doesn't turn up anything useful, nor does searching the list archives
>> TIA
> I'm quite sure you are mixing up the terms repository and working copy, right? If not,
please ignore the following.
> Just take a look at wc.db-journal. The file size of that file is 0 in all my cases and
is a temp file used by SQLite. It would be non-empty for cases where the svn-process would
crash I assume. Further details see [1].
> I assume TM only backs up non-empty files, no?
> [1]
> -- 
> Regards,
> Stefan Hett

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