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From Lorenz <>
Subject discrepancies between 'svn -R list' and 'svn -R propget' (on windows using TSVN build command line client)
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2016 09:01:57 GMT
Hi all,

navigating to a working copy folder (or a subfolder thereof) and
issuing 'svn -R list path/sub' or 'svn -R list path\sub' results in:


whereas  'svn -R pg svn:keywords path/sub'
or 'svn -R pg svn:keywords  path\sub' results in:

	sub\file1 - Id URL
	sub\subsub\file2 - Id URL

There are two discrepancies the first of which looks like it is not
windos depended:

	'svn propget' always lists the 'sub' part of the path,
	'svn list' does not.

is this the same under linux, and if so is it intended behaviour?

The second one is windows dependent (maybe even TSVN specific):

	'svn list' uses '/' whereas 'svn pg' uses '\'

do all native windows clients behave this way or is this with the TSVN
client only?

I'm on win7 using the command line client that ships with tortoise svn
(TSVN 1.9.4  linked against  svn 1.9.4)


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