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From Eric Johnson <>
Subject Re: Svn branching issue
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2016 18:07:45 GMT
On 11/7/16 9:58 AM, gyanendra ojha wrote:
> hi eric,
>         that is the issue, new branch created from old location is
> having the old path in svn log,i want it to point it to newly
> created branch path
>         for example there is svn old branch //depot/a/a.txt
>         now if i create branch //depot/b from old branch
>         it will have a.txt in b branch..but when i go to
> //depot/b/a.txt and at GUI of right click and select
>         show log shows history of changes done in a.txt but
>         in path section it still shows //depot/a/a.txt instead of
> //depot/b/ if old branch gets deleted..this history
>         will be irrelevant for me

As I said I in my previous response, you should review info on peg & 
operative revisions.

Also, even if you delete //depot/a/ , the history of //depot/a persists, 
it is just not accessible when "peg" revision is "HEAD".
> requirement is to move a/a.txt to new location b/a.txt with
> history retained and that history should have changes pointing
>         to new location b/a.txt not a/a.txt

With Subversion, you cannot have the history changes pointing to the new 
location after your move, because that would not reflect the actual 
history! That would be re-writing history as if folder "a" never existed.

>         i hope now u understand my issue
> On Mon, Nov 7, 2016 at 10:42 PM, Eric Johnson < 
> <>> wrote:
>     On 11/6/16 10:26 PM, gyanendra ojha wrote:
>         Hi,
>         I was assigned a task to move a branch or folder to different
>         location in svn
>         Making sure that history of the old branch is retained and not
>         lost
>         I was able to do it and history was showing in even new branch
>         But my problem is that when i do svn log in new branch
> shows me path still of old branch
>     The old location is part of the history of the folder. As new
>     changes appear in the new location, those changes will show the
>     new path. Older changes that happened in the older location will
>     show the old path.
>     Perhaps you're using something other than the command line client?
>     Perhaps the UI is making this confusing?
>     svn log has a "--stop-on-copy" option that will show you the
>     history of the changes only in the current location.
>         I want history for this new branch to change as per new branch
> that even in case the old branch gets deleted..i
>         might be able to view the changes showing in svn log by going
>         to the path
>     Subversion will not lose your older changes, even if you delete
>     the old path. All that deleting the old path does is remove the
>     reference to the contents for current and future versions of the
>     parent folder. Older versions of the parent folder still contain
>     the older version of the child folder.
>     You might benefit from understanding the difference between the
>     "peg" and "operative" versions.
>     <>
>     Eric.

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