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From Lorenz <>
Subject Re: discrepancies between 'svn -R list' and 'svn -R propget' (on windows using TSVN build command line client)
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2016 14:02:11 GMT
Bert Huijben wrote:
>The difference is that 'svn ls' is really a repository operation, working on
>URLS (or part of urls). On URLs we always use the url / platform independent
>'/' separator.
>'svn propget' usually works on local paths, in which case we use the local
>path (or technically 'dirent') separator, which is a '\' on Windows.
>This behavior was explicitly implemented this way years ago.

ok, that explains the slash mystery 8-)

but what about the leading subpath vs. no subpath difference?

svn -R ls path/subpath



svn -R pg svn:keywords path/subpath

	subpath/file1 - ...


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