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From CM Analyst <>
Subject SVN Properties
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2016 17:26:21 GMT
  Hello, In our environment, there is a need to identify one or more set of files witha custom
attribute. I expect SVN properties is the way to go? For a given set of .exes, I want to
attach anattribute using the SVN property called "RC: Release Candidate". My questions: 1)
Is this approach a recommended use for the SVN'sproperty feature? 2) Is there a way to search
to later retrieve all .exeswith the given property? In my testing so far, I created: $ svn
propset Released "This SW component isavailable for release." fooproperty 'Released' set on
'foo' $ svn proplist fooProperties on 'foo':  Released  svn:mime-type However, I was not
able to then search and locate thefile by its property. 3) What is a better way to indicate
a given status/attribute on aset of files?
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