We have been long time subversion users but there are some people looking to investigate other solutions. One of the comments being made internally is that SVN development has slowed down to a crawl and that innovative features like new backends, shelving etc are simply not happening.


Looking at http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/subversion-commits/, it does seem there is a dramatic downturn in the number of commits to SVN. However, I am not sure if we are interpreting those numbers correctly or not. Is there anyone who can shed some insight as to the current pace/priorities of SVN development.


For example, on the roadmap in the “most wanted” features (many of which would be fantastic for us), many of the “most wanted” features in the issue tracker have not even received an update in years. How am I to interpret this? Is work going on but not tracked in the issue tracker?






David Novo


De Novo Software