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From Jan Keirse <>
Subject Re: History split after server-side mkdir/mv
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2016 09:42:41 GMT
On Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 4:04 PM, Dario Niedermann <> wrote:
> I have a repository I had made in a pinch, without any directory
> structure, just adding files to the root.
> When the time came to add some method to the madness, I created
> the 3 canonical directories, then moved (server-side) all files to
> 'trunk/'. Now, when I issue `svn log' in my freshly checked-out
> working copy, I face the following situation:
> *  'trunk/' only remembers revisions since when it was created;
> *  the single files within 'trunk/' remember and show their full
>    history;
> *  when I `cd' to the working copy's "root" ('trunk/..') I see
>    everything: from 1 to HEAD, including all changes to 'trunk/'.
> Now, since no history was lost, this is not a real problem. I'd just
> like, for 'trunk/' (i.e.: when I'm in 'trunk/' and issue `svn log') to
> see everything back to revision 1. So I guess the question is: is there
> a way to tell 'trunk/' that it also "owns" the repository root history
> up to its birth?

You'll need to reparent, this can only be done with dump&load. Load
the dump into a new repo with  svnadmin load --parent-dir /trunk  ...
If you have already done the move there's a bit of an annoyance
because if you reload the dump it will result in /trunk/trunk.
I think you could dump the repo, take the first part of the dump file
to load everything before the move in the new repo under /trunk and
then load everything after the move (leaving out the move revision) to
add the last commits under / .


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