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From Tyler Smith <>
Subject Reauthentication required when issuing a lock on multiple files
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2016 14:40:54 GMT
Hello all,

svn client: version 1.9.4 (r1740329)
svn server: version 1.9.4 (r1740329), hosted on an Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS)

I am experiencing an issue when running an svn lock command on multiple
files where it will require me to enter authentication n-1 times where n is
the number of files I am requesting a lock for.

If I request a single lock, it will execute successfully without prompting
for my password, having saved it previously.

If I request more than one lock, it will first request my password, seeming
to remember my username. However, for every additional file beyond 2, it
will ask for my username as well as my password.

c:\path\to\repo>svn lock file1.c file2.c file3.c
Authentication realm: <http://svn.server.address:80> Subversion Repository
Password for 'tylersmith': *<typed in password>*********
Authentication realm: <http://svn.server.address:80> Subversion Repository
Username: *<typed in username>* tylersmith
Password for 'tylersmith': *<typed in password>*********
'file1.c' locked by user 'tylersmith'.
'file2.c' locked by user 'tylersmith'.
'file3.c' locked by user 'tylersmith'.

I set up a test SVN server to support both http:// access as well as
svn://. This problem does not occur with svn://. (If this issue is a lost
cause via http://, I might consider switching if I can get around the
username-password data for svnserve being contained in a plain text file.)

Looking at a Wireshark trace of the initial command, I get two packets
stating "401 Unauthorized". It is at this point that I am prompted by the
command line client for my password(s). Only after entering all requested
information does it send/receive more packets to/from the SVN server to
complete the action.

Is this an issue in the svn client or a but in the web authentication of
the server?

Thank you for your help,

Tyler Smith

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