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From Eric Johnson <>
Subject Re: securing of correct transmit
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2016 16:27:50 GMT
Hi Lars,

On 7/22/16 1:56 AM, Krueger, Lars (CQSE) wrote:
> Hello together,
> I need to know how SVN ensures that each item (comminting or 
> updateing) is correctly transmitted from/ to a repository. If I use 
> ‘svn info’ command I can see a ‘Checksum’ for a file. Do you use this 
> Checksum?

I have not examined the code. I can say, however, in the years that I've 
been lurking on this list, I've *never* seen anyone report an issue with 
a file being corrupted in transit to the server. I assume that is 
because the answer to your question is emphatically, "yes".

Of course, it is open source, so you can go look at the code. I was 
curious whether I could find it. This seems like the right file. I see 
references to "checksum" in their, so that's promising.

It is worth noting that you can turn on the svn:eol-style property 
which may mean that the checksum of the file in the repository will not 
match the checksum in your working copy.

Of course, you might also use a tool like OWASP ZAP as a proxy between 
an HTTP client and an HTTP server, and mess with the packets being 
passed between the client and the server, and see what happens.
> It’s important to know, because we must validate your used tools to 
> ensure that your Software is built correctly. Currently we use SVN 
> 1.8.11.
Looks like current version of Subversion 1.8.X is 1.8.16. If you want it 
to be the most correct, perhaps upgrade?

> mit freundlichen Grüßen/ with best regards
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