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From Olof <>
Subject Visualize when two branches have been merged
Date Sat, 02 Jul 2016 07:18:58 GMT

The only feature I'm really missing with SVN is the ability show in
revision graphs when two branches have been merged. This applies to both
the command line client and Tortoise. This feature is quite common in
version management and is very useful so why doesn't SVN have it? I've
googled some and found this
discussion. However I don't agree with the most popular answer (SVN can't
guarantee that such a visualization would show the truth since commits are
done in working copies). To me a line in revision graph showing when two
branches are merged would be just a visual representation of the already
existing svn:mergeinfo. I can select to "show merged versions" in the log -
isn't that just a textual representation of the graph I looking for?

// Olof Wolgast

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