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From Stefan Sperling <>
Subject Re: Visualize when two branches have been merged
Date Sat, 02 Jul 2016 11:52:05 GMT
On Sat, Jul 02, 2016 at 09:18:58AM +0200, Olof wrote:
> Hi
> The only feature I'm really missing with SVN is the ability show in
> revision graphs when two branches have been merged. This applies to both
> the command line client and Tortoise. This feature is quite common in
> version management and is very useful so why doesn't SVN have it? I've
> googled some and found this
> discussion. However I don't agree with the most popular answer (SVN can't
> guarantee that such a visualization would show the truth since commits are
> done in working copies).

I suppose you meant to say "merges are done in working copies".

And I agree that this argument is missing the point. It claims that because
a merge may select just a subset of changes committed in a particular revision,
drawing a "line" to indicate a merge commit would be misleading since not
all changes from the revision were merged.
But that is the case for every version control system since merge commits
are never a 1:1 mapping of changes, e.g. due to conflict resolution.
The misconception seems to be that a conceptual 'merge arrow' implied
a 1:1 mapping of changes, but it does not.

> To me a line in revision graph showing when two
> branches are merged would be just a visual representation of the already
> existing svn:mergeinfo. I can select to "show merged versions" in the log -
> isn't that just a textual representation of the graph I looking for?
> // Olof Wolgast

Yes, it should be possible to implement such a feature.
Would you like to work on this? We'll need someone in a position to have
a need for this feature and the time and skills to make it happen.
I would support this effort if such a person showed up.

The svn mergeinfo command already shows a graph based on mergeinfo. But that's
not the information display you're looking for, assuming you're looking for an
equivalent to a holistic view similar to 'git log --graph', while the mergeinfo
command shows information about the relative state of just two branches:

$ svn mergeinfo ^/subversion/branches/authzperf
    youngest common ancestor
    |         last full merge
    |         |        tip of branch
    |         |        |         repository path

    1613052            1751050 
    |                  |       
       --| |------------         subversion/branches/authzperf
      /         /              
     /         /               
  -------| |------------         subversion/trunk
              |        |       
              1714639  WC      

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