Hi Anup,
On 6/20/2016 15:48, Somashekarappa, Anup (CWM-NR) wrote:
Hi Team,
I am installing svn 1.9.4 and got the below error.
Which distribution do you use? Or did you compile SVN yourself?
“unrecognized url scheme for svn”
When I searched it is because of serf/neon lib. So trying to install using the below link but it is not working.
Did you forget to add the link?
Any other steps to install those lib. Can that be installed using “yum”? if so, may I know the lib name?
The error can be either due to serf/neon not being linked into the SVN executables, due to a malformed URL or due to some other issue.
Can you post the exact command you were using (including the URL) as well as the output of svn --version ?